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Wrecks & Boat Trips

Explore Hidden Treasures

Freediving does not have to be all about going up and down, back and forth or non stop training to go deeper, farther or longer. As a trained freediver, you have the privilege of observing the artificial reefs and marine life closer. You can fun dive or even complete a course with a spectacular view at the following dive spots in Kaş:

Underwater Museum, 5-15 meters

M-48 Tank Wreck, 10-15 meters

C-47 Dakota Airplane Wreck, 18-23 meters

TCSG-119 Coastguard Boat Wreck, 25-33 meters

Canyon & Dimitri Cotton Ship Wreck, 27-42 meters


  • Wave 1 certification or equivalent 

  • Medical & Liability Release forms signed


  • Half day shared boat 

  • Private boat by the hour

What's included?

  • Photography and video

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