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Freediving Instructor with Advanced Student






Welcome to Freedive Cosmos. We run internationally recognized freediving courses in Kaş from beginner to instructor level in the Molchanovs Freediving & Aida education systems. Training sessions, personalized training plans, online coaching and first aid courses are also available for freedivers who are looking to further develop their skills. Join our highly experienced team and explore the depths and hidden treasures of the Mediterranean with us. Freedivers by heart, we are dedicated to delivering the best freediving education and training worldwide.

courses & training
Wave 1:
Introduction to Freediving

Learn the fundamentals of freediving that will take you to 20 meters comfortably from theory to practice.

Wave 2:
Intermediate Freediving

Take your freediving to the next level by mastering the skills, knowledge and techniques to dive comfortably to 30 meters. 

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Wave 3:
Advanced Freediving

Learn the advanced techniques that will take you beyond your residual volume to 40 meters and to the full extent of your potential.

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Instructor Courses:
Become a Molchanovs Pro

Become a freediving professional, spread the love of freediving everywhere in the world. Already an instructor? Crossover to Molchanovs!

Training Sessions:
Depth, Pool & Base Training

For certified freedivers who want to improve their performance and enhance specific skills. Progress come with regular training.

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Online Coaching:
Individual Training Plans

One on one coaching to set new goals, periodize your training, keep you on track, achieve them.

Wrecks & Boat Trips:
Explore Hidden Treasures

Go for a fun dive and take photos or complete your course at the airplane, the coast guard ship or the tank wreck. 

Basic Life Support:
First Aid & Oxygen Provider

Learn to provide first aid including CPR and O2 in everyday and freediving specific emergency situations.



A small diving paradise in the south of Turkey, Kaş is one of the best diving locations in the world with up to 40 meter visibility, unlimited depth and favorable water conditions throughout the year. You can also enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, canyoning, paragliding and trekking when you are not freediving.

Rest of the World

From Egypt to Maldives, whether you want to freedive with carettas, hang out with dugongs, visit the blue hole or touch the bottom of world's deepest pool, Freedive Cosmos organizes courses, training camps and trips worldwide. 




Taylan Ülger

Founder & Instructor Trainer

Freediving National Record Holder 
Certified by Molchanovs, AIDA, CMAS, SSI

World Championship Deep Safety

Cwt 93m / Cwtb 70m / Cnf 58m

Dyn 210m / Dynb 185m / Dnf 162m / Sta 6'31"

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frequently asked questions


Who can freedive?

We believe that everyone with good health and basic swimming skills can freedive. 

Why choose Freedive Cosmos?

A highly experienced and patient team who have trained freedivers of all levels from beginner to record setting athletes. Freedive Cosmos provides training and certification according to Molchanovs Freediving and Aida International standarts which are the most comprehensive freediving courses available worldwide that are designed to take you from a beginner to a complete freediver. Molchanovs is the only freediving education system that provides free training programs which will allow you to keep training, improving your skills and knowledge after finishing your course.

What are the course formats? Can I do the theory online?

Courses can be run in two formats: 1) In person in required consecutive days 2) Online theory and practical sessions separately at agreed dates. Additionally, all theory and crossover courses can be completed online.

When can I start and how should I prepare for my course?

Please contact us for the first available course or to plan the course dates together in advance. After pre-registration, you will have access to the digital course materials on your freediver profile. We recommend you go through the manuals, videos and exam in advance so we can spend more time with water practice.

What do I need to bring for my course?

If you already have your own equipment, feel free to bring. If you don't, check our equipment page



Feel free to write and call us. We will be happy to answer your questions.
Whatsapp & Telegram +90 507 829 7939 | Email

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